There are many a legend on how to attain that perfect roast pork crackling; drying the skin with a towel, scoring and salt rubbing, over night in the fridge, boiling water, blow torch… the one thing consistent is the drying of the skin.

We use two deliberate heat stages to the fire. Initially a high heat to drive any moisture from the skin and start the blistering process followed by a longer slow cook to gradually render the fats- leaving that delightfully moreish crunch crackling encasing the moist roast pork.

Perfect Rotisserie Pork Crackling

Perfect pork cracking naturally lends itself to the cooking with fire. The natural heat curves of a blazing then embering mature fire, are ideal for the two cooking stages.

Building the fire

Size of the fire should be at least a third longer than the length of your roasting joint, this will ensure even cooking across the joint. We’ll be wanting to roast the joint for a few hours to render those fats and get the meat succulent and tender so have enough wood available.

Whist the fire is burning strong get the pork on.

The first stage is a high temperature searing roast for 20-30 minutes, Firemark 2-3, this drives any moisture out the skin surface and even starts a light blistering all over.

By then allowing the fire to naturally settle down to a Firemark 4 we begin and leave for the long slow roast. Render the sub-crackling fats so we have a super crunchy crackling at the end to contrast with the delicious tender slow roast pork.