Edinburgh based FireChef Ltd. is an independent business that designs and develops fire cooking tools and equipment, with a focus on practical ease of use. Helping you create in comfort those big flavour outdoor moments in life so cherished.

Our products are recipe lead, their designs inspired by our rich culinary heritage and considered through years of practical experience of cooking on fire. We hope our fire cooking recipes will inspire you to gather some kindling and ignite your own cooking fire.

FireChef Cookware & Equipment

We design all our fire cooking equipment, it is unique and purposeful. Some products we have made abroad, though where we can we source local, from the seamstress to the hand beaten wrought iron from our blacksmith’s forge.

At the heart of FireChef sits a smoldering ember, a passion for cooking on fire and a love for wood based natural cooking, and a coming together of friends and family round a warm glowing fire.

We are super-busy working on more great fire cooking products, what an exciting product range we have in the making. Historically inspired with a contemporary approach to design, FireChef Ltd. supplies only the best fire cookware and fire cooking equipment.

Our kit is built to last.

FireChef Iron bending

Wishing you all the best on your fire cooking adventures!

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