A well seasoned cast iron pot is black, no rust or iron showing. Dutch Oven Seasoning will not only build up a natural none stick coating but with further use your seasoning will improve developing a unique character much loved by chefs worldwide.

A well seasoned pot could last 100 years, no PTEE or non stick coating to limit its life span, this is just pure iron and natural food oil reacting.

Seasoning your Dutch Oven

1: Clean

Start with a clean dry cast iron pot.

2: Oil

Using kitchen towl or cloth wipe your Dutch Oven with a light layer of cooking oil; olive, sunflower, rape or edible linseed will suffice.Cover all surfaces both pot and lid.

3: Heat

Place you pot into a hot oven, BBQ or hang near the fire. Ideally for an hour around 230-250 deg C in BBQ or Oven. Pot hanging by fire we recommend Firemark 3. During this time the oil will soak into the iron and harden, creating a natural none stick coating.

Dutch Oven Cleaning & Care

Hand wash as a soon as possible after use, avoid dishwashers as this will damage the seasoning. Use hot water and if possible avoid using too much detergent or metal scouring pads. A plastic brush and hot water is perfect. After washing wipe dry then using a kitchen towel wipe a THIN layer cooking oil (vegetable, sunflower, rape, olive are all fine) over lid and pot base. Not too much oil or it will become tacky with time and need washed out before next use.

If your pot rusts, simply scour clean, wash and re-season using the above steps.

First Use

All our Dutch Ovens come pre-seasoned and have been baked in a natural food oil. Prior to first use however wash thoroughly, wipe dry and wipe with a thin layer of cooking oil.

Avoid using acidic foods like tomato and vinegar in your cooking until you have built up a well seasoned pot.

Dutch Oven Seasoning Explanation

When heated the pure iron of our pots becomes porous, heating that iron with a thin layer of cooking oil to the 230-250C temperature helps the oil soak into the iron and harden. This hardened surface is your seasoning thus repeating the seasoning method above will build up layers. Cooking use also seasons. The first thing we often cook in the pot for a stew is onions, those frying golden onions as they caremalise are actively contributing to your unique seasoned coating.