How to Cook with a Campfire Rotisserie

How to cook with a campfire rotisserie

Set up time: 3 minutes. Cooking Distance is key, too far and we burn too much wood, too close and we burn the outside. Consider also wind direction, downwind your food will be more smokey and upwind of the fire less so. Fire Roast Food Goal? A deep caremalised roast rich exterior, with a beautifully moist […]

Dutch Oven Seasoning, Cast Iron Pot Care

Campfire Cast Iron Pot Cooking, Dutch Oven

Seasoning your Dutch Oven Start with a clean dry cast iron pot. Using kitchen towl or cloth wipe your Dutch Oven with a light layer of cooking oil; olive, sunflower, rape or edible linseed will suffice.Cover all surfaces both pot and lid. Place you pot into a hot oven, BBQ or hang near the fire. […]

Open Fire Spit Roasting

Double Fire Piri Piri Spit Roast Pork

Whist this guide covers the FireChef Spit Roast Kit it can be applied to any open fire or fire pit rotisserie cooking. Our standard portable spit roasting kit includes the following: Powerful Geared Battery Rotisserie Motor (5Kg recommended max load, Next Gen silent motor) Whopping 100cm Stainless Steel Spit (Spans most fire pits, rust resistant […]