Cooking over fire elevates the potential for your foods flavour. Different woods, smoke flavours a vast heat range to choose from. Our fire cooking recipes demonstrate slow & low cooking for the ultimate tender and moist cuts of meat, casseroles, curries, to high heat searing fire theater, breads and beyond.

Open fire, Fire pit and BBQ all offer different means of transferring the flavours of fire to your meals, we hope in the below selection of recipes to inspire your fire cooking adventures also. If you cook up something special we would love you to share your recipe with us

Campfire Grill Recipes

A selection of recipes that demonstrate the true versatility of our amazing unique FireChef Campfire Grill. From hot searing ember action to mellow slow & low fire roasting our grill has been designed with your convenience in mind.

Spit Roast Rotisserie Recipes

The original Slow & Low cooking method of our history, easy to set up and deliver perfectly cooked food of the fire with minimal effort. Great for social events where you need to wander about and chat letting the spit roast do the hard work for you.

Cast Iron Pot Recipes

Cast Iron Cooking Pots, these dutch oven fire cooking recipes have been selected to help show the versatility of cast iron cooking, over variable heat source like fire and ember the high heat retention and conductivity of iron is perfect. Cared for cast irons pots will outlast you and can be handed onto your children.

FirePan Recipes

The portable FirePan, with similar properties to cast iron but this out the weight we demonstrate some great outdoor recipes with this pan- not just in the flavours it can deliver but its robust and unique design offering the ability for perhaps one of the most relaxed cooking pans out there.